Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Holly Hill Inn has been in continuous operation as a restaurant since 1979. The history of the building itself goes back to the early 1800s. The current site, at the crossroads of the Leestown and Georgetown roads, was home to a stone and brick structure built circa 1800 known as Stevenson's Tavern.

There, in 1832, Midway's first Post Office was established. Small outlying buildings housed a store, a shoe shop, servants' quarters and barns. In 1839, the tavern was sold to Hancock W. Davis. A fire destroyed the tavern several years later, and Mr. Davis built the handsome Greek Revival structure which exists today, incorporating some doors, walls, windows and fireplaces from the earlier building into the new home. Davis lived in the house until 1854, when it was sold to Squire William A.. Moore, a local magistrate and president of the Midway Paper Mill Company. Moore and his wife added some Victorian touches to the house, and they lived there for several decades.

In 1903, the home was purchased by Issac Parrish, a local farm owner. Major renovations were undertaken, and a large Colonial style front Veranda was added. Its design was intended to provide Mr. Parrish's children with ample room to play, and a concrete deck was poured so the children would have a place to roller-skate. The house was named Hermosa after an English rose found growing on the grounds. The house and grounds were a well-run, self-sufficient community with orchards, chicken yards, servants' quarters, stables, and even a mushroom growing operation housed in an old ice house.

The Parrishes were well known for their hospitality, and the home was the center for many festive gatherings of family and friends. In 1979, the home was converted by Isaac Parrish's grandson Ike and his wife Jean into a modern country inn. Originally operated by Rex and Rose Lyons, the Holly Hill Inn was purchased by current owners Chris and Ouita Michel in 2000. The Michels carry on a long tradition of hospitality and welcome you to dine with them in this historic home.